As Diane Keefe’s elder law professor at Webster University and as an elder law attorney, I have witnessed the passion that Diane has for helping older adults and caregivers. She is innovative, resourceful and tenacious. Diane is a natural born educator. She is able to help elders, their families and caregivers navigate the confusing senior environment. With the knowledge and information that Diane imparts, elders and their families can better the quality of life for seniors.

— Martha C. Brown, CELA* Martha C. Brown & Associates, LLC

I would like to recommend Diane Keefe to families needing help in managing care giving to their elderly loved ones. This past winter our elderly mother, who was living alone in a St. Louis retirement home without any family in town, went into steep and rapid decline. My sibling and I, both hundreds of miles away, were at a loss as to how to help her from afar. That is when I contacted Diane. Diane did an immediate assessment of my mother’s situation and provided us with a Care Plan. She also provided resources for other caregivers and connected me with a wonderful home health agency, physical therapist, and others. I was able to get immediate round-the-clock care for my mother until I could get there. When I arrived several days later, Diane met with me in person and helped me sort out next steps.

In the meantime my sibling and I decided it was time to move my mother across country to live in an assisted living facility on the east coast….close to my sibling’s home. But it was imperative that we stabilize her health before we moved her. With both me and my sibling having jobs, commitments, and families on opposite coasts, we just didn’t know how we would manage that. This is where Diane stepped in on our behalf. She became our point person, helping us with the coordination of care for my mom. She made doctor and dentist appointments for my mom, took her to the appointments and reported back to us. She checked in on my mom every few days and let us know how she was doing. She just kept us all going at a very difficult time in our lives. In addition to the support she provided my mother, she was wonderful emotional support for me. She truly helped me keep my worry and panic at bay with her reassurance and constant communication.

With Diane’s help, we were able to stabilize my mom’s health and get her moved safely to the east coast. My mom is doing well, has gained weight, and is better off than she has been in years. Honestly, I don’t know how we would have done this without Diane’s help. She was professional, kind, and really there for us when we truly needed help. Additionally, everyone who met Diane (caregivers, family friends, etc.) really liked her and commented on the good care she was giving our mom. I only wish that we hired Diane sooner as I believe we could have avoided many of our mom’s problems had Diane been helping us.

— Pam R.

A most helpful volume. Ms. Keefe discusses key challenges in aging in an authoritative, yet personal and even hopeful way. I highly recommend it.

— Tom Meuser, PhD Director, Gerontology Graduate Program School of Social Work University of Missouri – St. Louis

Super guide Diane. This is a nice supplement for any caregiver in the world where there are simply not enough resources. You’ve done the caregiving forces a real service.

— Lisa Baron, JD Founder and Executive Director Memory Care Home Solutions

Diane Keefe shares an abundance of information that will help anyone caring for aging parents. Her wealth of experience as a geriatric care manager makes her well-qualified to help others going through the caregiving journey.

— Mary E. Schaefer Executive Director Mid-East Area Agency on Aging

Diane – Thank you for the book. I wanted to tell you that the book is very complete in being able to help those who are caring for loved on in their home. It addresses a myriad of issues and is very thorough.

— Rev. Donna Smith-Pupillo, RN Executive Director Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministry Network

As a person whose clients turn to me for trusted resources, I appreciate the programs Diane presents. They give me information direct from the providers, I get helpful hints to pass on to my own clients, and am always amazed that there’s something new to be learned. Her work is not only valuable to those in need, but to the resources who help solve problems.

— Benita Crook, Senior Care Advocates