Senior Housing Options

Many Alternatives for senior housing exist today There are more options available to aging adults than ever before.  When the WWI/II generation was growing up, there was only nursing homes which were essentially skilled nursing.  Since that time, it has evolved to include: Independent Housing - This type of housing is similar to a condo arrangement but in … Continue reading Senior Housing Options

Criteria for Selecting Senior Housing

Select Senior Housing with Care Before helping an older adult find housing, have them write down what they want out of a residence setting.  Each residence has its own personality and finding a match for the potential resident is imperative to their future happiness. Make sure they have a list of their financial assets because … Continue reading Criteria for Selecting Senior Housing

Men and Women Age Differently

Study Shows Men and Women Age Differently In this Annual Editions article research was done on 150 men and women living in a community.  The majority of the women were unmarried, living alone with some impairments and reduced financial resources.  The men had fewer impairments; were more independent and exhibited more control over their environment.  … Continue reading Men and Women Age Differently

‘Sundowning’ and Other Behaviors

Sundowning behavioral changes begin without warning Sundowning is a term that relates to a condition experienced by people with dementia.  During Sundowning, the person exhibits behaviors such as irritability, belligerence, abusiveness toward people around them, agitation and general excitability.  Trying to argue with them or correct them does not work.  Instead look at the environment.  … Continue reading ‘Sundowning’ and Other Behaviors