2014 Help Seniors Lead Active Lives

    Helping Seniors Get Around Resources in St. Louis If you are looking for options to getting your senior around, look no further!  Here are some resources available to seniors in the St. Louis area. Mobility 4 U     Mike Flotken   Mike@Mobilityforu.com        (314) 873-6814   (rental vehicles with side ramps) OATS Transportation Service   636-441-0898 American Cancer … Continue reading 2014 Help Seniors Lead Active Lives

Changes Due to Aging

Discussion about driving retirement usually begins as a result of an accident.  Changes in aging may impact driving... Vision changes include the retina receiving 1/3 of the light it once did which can make night vision more difficult.  Glaucoma, cataracts and maculardegeneration can also make seeing more challenging if not impossible.  Peripheral vision may shrink resulting in … Continue reading Changes Due to Aging