Why is it so difficult to be a good caregiver?

It might have to do with not understanding what is happening to your loved one during the aging process…or not knowing what they want…not understanding the complexities of the senior environment of services and resoBlueprint-for-Care-Final-Cover-300urces…or who can help.  Yet you are called upon to make decisions for them regarding their care.   My family experienced this agony as well.  It is what prompted me to write this book.  Both from a personal and professional viewpoint, I address issues that affect every family with aging loved ones.

This book is a reference for anyone who has ever agonized over care decisions for your loved one.

It  contains Fall Prevention Checklists so that you can ensure that you have done all you can do to ensure your loved one’s well-being and safety.  It points you to professionals who can help assess and recommend care for your loved one.   It provides templates for you to organize your information as well as helpful links so that you will be prepared to advocate in the event of a health crisis with your loved one.  These practical tips will ensure that you handle the caregiving task with ease!

Chapters include practical information on:

  •   Organizing Your Personal Health Record
  •   End of Life Planning
  •   Managing Medications
  •   Professionals Who Can Help
  •   Advocating for the Older Adult
  •   Fall Prevention Checklist and Safety in the Home
  •   Independence Through Technology
  •   Keeping the Older Adult in Their Home
  •   Mobility Equipment and other Assistive Aids
  • To Drive or Not to Drive
  • Family Communications and Responsibilities
  • Encouraging Well-Being in Older Adults
  • Dealing with Dementia
  • When Is Hospice Needed
  • Choosing a Residential Facility
  • Taking Care of the Caregiver
  • Providing Personal Care To Your Loved One

Blueprint for Care is a practical guide for managing care for your loved one.  It contains information acquired through personal caregiving experiences as well as experience gained from my education and clients through my care management company.  Now you can benefit too. – Diane Keefe

Blueprint for Care Workbook is a tool that can be used to collect some of the difficult and sensitive information you need as a caregiver.  With this workbook, you will be guided through all the information you need to have within your reach in the event of a health care crisis or unexpected hospitalization through end of life.  It was designed as a companion to the book.

In the workbook, you will collect:

  • Their medical history
  • Medication list
  • Diagnosis
  • Which doctors they are seeing
  • Support persons who are helping them
  • Insurance information
  • Veterans info
  • What would make their quality of life better at end of life
  • What type of funeral they want
  • Who they want notified
  • The types of info you need for creating an obituary
  • Information they want to impart
  • Who to notify at time of death and more



Workbook: $9.95 (available only on this website)

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble websites.  Bulk pricing is available to companies who want to give their customers the book.  Email to obtain bulk pricing information.

To buy the book:

Contact Ms. Keefe directly by emailing at Provide your contact info and she will get back to discuss what you need. The workbook is only available through the Caring for Parents Together website.