What Should Go in Your Emergency Plan?

What Items To Include in Your Emergency Plan

Older-woman-on-phoneRecently, the amount of severe weather gives us reason to plan in case we are affected. The Red Cross suggests that everyone plan a 3-day evacuation kit and a 2 week supply for your home. This includes a gallon of water per person per day, food that does not need cooking, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit and manual, a month’s worth of medications, multipurpose tool, manual can opener, personal hygiene items, copies of important personal documents, cell phone and extra battery, emergency contact numbers, cash, blankets, whistle, pet supplies and a set of keys. Include something to help comfort/calm you and maybe a book or cards to keep you and others entertained while waiting for conditions to improve.

Make a plan for who you will contact out of town to relay info if family members are separated. Plan a meeting spot where members can go to await others. If older members require assistive devices, be sure to plan for that and keep a list of their medications as well as incontinent supplies if needed. Utilize a bag on wheels for transporting these items should they need to be carried.

Know how to shut off utilities and test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors at least once per year at the beginning of the heating season. Consider a weather radio or weather app on your cell phone although if power goes down, your cell phone may become unpowered as well. Purchase a backup battery and keep it charged to give your cell phone extra life. Remember, texting may work when cell phones are on low battery.

If a severe storm is predicted, keep extra water available in case it is affected. Use a generator to keep basic electricity going during severe storms. Stay away from windows. If your area experiences flooding, purchase an inflatable boat to keep on hand for emergencies. Better yet, leave before it gets too bad. Never drive through flood waters and at night be especially careful as water is difficult to see.

This video might highlight some of the items you should consider placing in your bag:


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