What Are the Alternatives to Senior Housing?

What If A Senior Does Not Have Enough Money for Senior Housing?

Senior HousingWhen an elder has not saved enough money to qualify for senior housing, they can apply for ‘Affordable Housing’ through the St. Louis Housing Authority. There is a Housing Authority for the city and county as well.  Click on http://www.haslc.com/ to arrive at the St. Louis County Housing Authority website.  Affordable housing is available to seniors who have to spend more than 30% of their income on housing in the commercial marketplace.

In affordable housing, seniors have their own apartments with ample closet space, small kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. They receive assistance from a social service worker who puts them in touch with other services that may be available to them. Meals are provided daily and they have transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping trips and events.

Another alternative may be sharing housing with a relative or friend; going to adult day care during the day while living with an adult child or bringing someone into the home on a consistent basis to make sure meals are prepared and they are maintaining their health. You could hire a Geriatric Care Manager to arrange care and oversee workers if you do not have time to do it. These are some of the alternatives that might be available if a senior is no longer safe at home.

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