How to Select an In-Home Agency

Here are a few steps to selecting an In-Home Agency

In-home-caregiverWhen you have determined that your loved one needs help in the home or perhaps they are coming home from the hospital and can not manage things by themselves for a few weeks while they recover, here are a few tips  in making a selection. Determine what services you need before calling the in-home agency.

  1. How long have they been in service?
  2. Are they a companion or medical company?
  3. Are they an agency or registry? Agencies screen, train and supervise the aide while Registries screen, train and place a caregiver who contracts directly with the family or patient.
  4. How are aides paid?  Who pays the taxes? Who carries liability insurance?
  5. How are caregivers screened?
  6. What kind of training do they receive?
  7. What kind of supervision?
  8. What happens if there is a caregiver that does not work out?  Can you get a replacement?
  9. What are the basic services they provide and what services incur additional charges?
  10. Do they provide transportation to necessary appointments?
  11. Ask for references from clients.
  12. What is the backup plan if someone can not make it to the client?

Never place a home care company in charge of paying bills.  That can set up an unhealthy situation fraught with abuse. Don’t expect home care workers to do extensive housekeeping.  They are there for light housekeeping and overseeing care of your loved one.  Ask the aide to write down what happens every day in a nurse’s notebook. Then you will have historical data regarding habits and health.

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