Blueprint for Care Workbook

Blueprint for Care Workbook

blueprint-cover-smallBlueprint for Care Workbook offers a guide to having conversations with your parent that are often fraught with emotion.  The parent can fill out the booklet at their leisure eliminating the angst.  It allows you, the caregiver, to collect the information you don’t even know you will need yet and removes the possibility that they might not be able to give you the information.

This booklet offers you the ‘no-sweat’ information and peace of mind that you will be ready when the time comes.

What type of information is included in the booklet?

  • private medical history
  • medication list
  • current diagnosis
  • previous surgeries
  • doctors they have visited
  • support team and communication plan
  • what they want at end of life
  • items they may want to give to specific people
  • info to write an obituary
  • list of people they want notified
  • what type of funeral arrangements and service they want
  • wisdom they want to impart
  • list of who to contact when they die

This is the best $9.95 you can spend!  It is not limited to older adults.  Everyone should fill one out!

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