Creating A Legacy – Dec 2013

Energize Milestone Celebrations 

by Cynthia Correll
“What to give the man who has everything?” I racked my brain. My Dad’s 80th birthday was on the horizon and I wanted a very special


gift, something precious, befitting the milestone. But what could that be? He already had everything. That’s when I realized that instead of fulfilling a practical need, I could look for a unique way to touch his heart with love and appreciation.
As a Visual Branding Strategist, I help business professionals every day to capture the beyond-belief value of their expertise. Now, in this very personal situation, I found myself challenged. How to capture the amazing value of this man? How to honor him and celebrate his life? I closed my eyes, began daydreaming about my life with Dad. The sweetest memories flashed one after another…like visions of sugarplums dancing in my head!

Cynthia’s Inspiration!

That’s when I created LimeLight! Legacy, the card game that documents the special memories and the unique stories of a lifetime. I


designed a trivia game about my Dad’s life, created his legacy, and packaged it as a card-deck keepsake for each member of the family. On his birthday, we played the game by guessing the answers on the cards…that brought the laughter and the smiles…followed by all of us intently listening to Dad, beaming in the limelight, as he told us new and familiar stories.
After witnessing the joy that game brought to my Dad and my whole family, I began producing LimeLight! Legacy for others. From milestone birthdays and anniversaries to weddings, rehearsal dinners and retirement celebrations, the reports are heart-warming…
 “The cards were an absolute hit! It made the entire party fun!
“Our family usually doesn’t have much to talk about. The LimeLight! Legacy game changed that!” 
“The game helped me see my parent in a new way…I realize now that I learned a lot from him!” 
“From the game, we got to know her better…below the surface.”
“I was delighted to hear the touching stories that my friends and family remember about me! So much better than a roasting…”
As for my experience, the process of creating the questions and answers helped me to rediscover my Dad. Instead of the disciplinarian I remembered, he emerged as one who was playful, making up games and nicknames for things. Guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree! What a blessing it was to deepen our relationship during his lifetime.
A few years after we honored my Mother with Limelight! Legacy, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The card game was the perfect way to give her care managers the inside track on her special memories and strengthen her new relationships.
Next time you are looking for an unique gift for the person who has everything, remember Limelight! Legacy. It’s the centerpiece activity for an exciting milestone celebration gathering. Designed to engage family and friends, it creates a surprise that honors your special someone, and provides a keepsake legacy. For more information call Cynthia Correll at 636-751-4144.


Cherish Your Moments Together


Cherish your times with elders.  Ask them about their traditions growing up.  What were their fondest moments?  Attend a concert or service with a senior. Make cookies together.  Help them decorate their home.  Have children sing songs or play a Christmas carol.  These are precious ways to savor times together and create memories for your children.