From Grief to Gratitude

Sue Martin of Sue Martin Consulting LLC is a grief coach who offers tips on moving from grief to gratitude.

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suemartin-35-webres-2-150x150Sue Martin has worked for over 30 years in the medical community, although her experience managing medical offices is just one piece of a background that led to her becoming an end of life expert.

Sue experienced what it was like to become the primary caregiver for her mother. She handled all of her mother’s medical, financial and legal matters – keeping her focus on making her mother comfortable while protecting as much of her dignity as possible.

After her mother lost her battle with cancer, Sue herself went through the grief that affects primary caregivers who lose a loved one – the very same grief that she now counsels others through.

Shortly on the heels of losing her mother, Sue found that her recent experience was needed by the elderly couple who lived next door to her late mother. A series of illnesses and hospitalizations left them in desperate need of help, and being childless meant they had no one to manage their affairs – so they turned to Sue.

This opened Sue’s eyes to the need for competent, trustworthy assistance for those who are facing the end of their life.

Her warm and caring personality combined with years of professional and personal experience allow her to provide guidance, clarity and peace of mind to her clients.

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