Why Is An Elder’s Gait Important?




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Gait is Predictive of Longevity

Did you also know that a person’s Gait is one of the biggest indicators of longevity?When a person’s gait begins to change, they may need physical therapy to keep them mobile. 

Have them checked by a physician.  When they are no longer mobile, they will require more of your time to continue a quality of life or you will have to find services to support them.

The Importance of Stretching

Your loved one will also need to stretch frequently to stay mobile. They may not want to exercise because of stiffness but that is exactly what they need to do…keep moving.Offer to walk with them as a walking buddy or encourage them to go to the mall to walk.  Then weather will not be a factor. 

Improve Leg Strength

Have you noticed your parent or loved one trying to push off when rising from a chair?  Leg strength decreases so encourage your parent to practice getting up and down from a seated position at least 10 times a day to maintain mobility. As they weaken, they may require a walker or mobility aid to help them with balance and coordination. 


Conduct a Home Safety Check

You can support your parents’ health by making sure they do not have fall hazards in the home like throw rugs or stacks around chairs that could lead to a fall.Use handrails in long hallways and hand grips in the bath area to enhance coordination and reduce falls possibilities.Conduct a home safety check to make sure that your parent’s home is safe. 

The more they do to keep them and their muscles mobile, the better!If they can do an activity themselves safely, encourage they to do it. Encourage them to walk or get exercise regularly.  

The brain uses up to 25% of the oxygen and must be pumped from the heart.What is good for the heart is good for the brain.  Help them incorporate light weights and stretching into their workouts.

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