Inspire Your Brain

Going Back to School Inspires Your Creativity and Stimulates Your Brain

Many community colleges have low cost continuing education classes to hone computer skills, learn a new language, take trips and just explore new ideas.  There are speaker series available through many colleges that put the attendee in touch with first class speakers on all types of topics.  In addition, many universities will allow anyone 65+ to audit a class if room is available for no or very low cost.  Older adults need to increase their plasticity by using their brains on new endeavors.  Take a dance class; learn to play chess or bridge.  This puts the attendee in touch with new people and social situations which adds to the quality of their life.

When aging adults stay actively engaged, they feel a renewed sense of purpose.  Volunteer at a hospital, library, the zoo or mentor a colleague or teen.  Mentoring forges relationships and helps others who haven’t experienced what years of working have taught you.  Work with children who need help reading or volunteer to serve on a non-profit Board.  Choose an activity that doesn’t tie you down but encourages social stimulation as well as mental stimulation.  Take on a project!  Do something you have never done!  Create a bucket list of activities that you would like to do before your time is up!  Mostly, treat each day as a new adventure!

Explore new locations.  Many community centers plan day trips to events and locations that are inexpensive and interesting.  Check with senior centers and many communities offer senior departments.  Some programming involves sharing skills that you have.  Allow a teen to teach you new technology skills.  Then tell them stories about what it was like growing up without color TV or cell phones, microwaves and internet.  Write a life review or study family genealogy.  Re-connect with old classmates and friends.  Write a book.  Today it is easier than ever to publish a book.  Place old photos in a digital album.  Garden or ride a bike.  Play cards or board games.

As you can see, the amount of activities an older adult can participate in are limited only by their imagination.  Allow your ideas to flourish!  Stay active!  Here are some websites that you can visit to train your brain for higher performance:

Be proactive in maintaining a sharp brain!  Visit them daily.

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