Certified Aging In Place and Universal Design Modifications for Aging at Home Safely

Terry Donovan from Live Well Home Modification Specialists talks about the types of modifications to make in homes to make them ‘aging ready’ and safe.

Terry-Donovan-150x150.jpgThough many older adults have been in their homes a long time, this doesn’t mean they are safe for the process of aging.  Taking certain steps to safeguard your home will prevent unnecessary broken hips and other fractures from falls in the bathroom or other parts of the house.  Mr. Donovan, a veteran of 28 years in the building industry, talks about certified Aging in Place and Universal Design for your home.

He experienced a mother who had a stroke and ended up in skilled nursing.  His father struggled to handle their affairs; contracted pneumonia and experienced a hip replacement.  Terry put his knowledge of ADA Accessibility and Aging In Place certification to safeguard his father’s home so he could continue to live in it as he desired.  He became impassioned to help other families to safeguard their aging loved ones so they can stay in their homes as well.


Interview with Terry Donovan, Live Well Home Modifications, LLC


Terry Donovan, President



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