6 Reasons Why You Should Never Go Into the Hospital Without An Advocate

Here is why you should always have an advocate when in a hospital or facility:

1)  Grandparents-150x150Change of shifts among healthcare workers often results in lack of knowledge about what happened during the last shift with patient care and condition.

2)  Someone needs to observe what is going on with the patient as they may not be conscious and able to self-report.

3)  Lack of communication between staff and patient  i.e. not understanding medical jargon, protocols & procedures.

4)  Medication errors because of administration errors or lack of information about what the patient was taking before.

5)  Plan for discharge and report what conditions the patient will experience upon returning home.

6)  Someone to collaborate on the discharge instructions and help the patient to implement them upon returning home.

7)  If the patient has dementia, they need someone to be with them at all times.  There is not enough hospital staff to do that.


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