First Steps in Helping Older Adults

When Your Parents Begin to Need Your Help, What First Steps Should You Take?

  1. Fallen-Woman-150x150.jpgVisit the Area Agency on Aging for your area.  To find your Area Agency on Aging, go to and input the zipcode of the area where your loved one lives.

  2. Ask your loved one what will support them in living a higher quality of life?

  3. Get a complete medication list together with the name of the prescribing doctor, name of the medicine, amount and how often taken.

  4. Ask your loved one what insurance they have.

  5. Ask them to tell you what doctors they have seen and when their next appointment is scheduled so you can accompany them.

  6. Find out what hospital they would like to use and make sure it is in their insurance network.

  7. Find out what legal work they have completed and who is named as the Healthcare Power of Attorney.  Have they filled out an advance directive?  If not, visit an elder law attorney to get this work started.

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