Meeting Emotional Needs

What are the key needs that older adults have?

  • They need to feel safe
  • They need to feel needed and loved
  • They need a sense of purpose in their lives
  • They want independence and autonomy
This means that although they love their children very much, they still want to determine what is happening in their life themselves.  Most research indicates that older adults do not want to live with their children and they do not want to be a burden to them.

Helping Elders Thrive

Your loved one can thrive when they feel they are still part of life and involved in the activity of it.  Many older adults admit that they need more time alone but they like to be included in social activities with family and friends.  That is why the retirement communities do seem to be a great solution for some older adults.  The built in social atmosphere helps many elders who were languishing at home to feel part of a community where their presence is noted and appreciated.  Their peers are going through some of the same challenges and they can share the experiences together.Other activities that promote social engagement include Adult Day Centers, Senior Centers and senior programming which is part of community governments or continuing education.  They offer day trips, activities, food and social interaction with peers.

Brain Stimulating Activities

Many older adults 65+ can attend college classes for low cost or no cost.  They audit so there are no tests but it does keep the mind active and engaged.Here are some websites that will help to keep minds active and learning while having fun.

5 Keys to Improving Your Overall Well-being

1.  Maintain a positive outlook on life and keep your sense of humor.
2.  Exercise every day at least 30 minutes.
3.  Learn something new
4.  Eat a Mediterranean style diet utilizing mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains and minimal meat.  Cook using olive, coconut or canola oils.  Limit alcohol and avoid smoking.
5.  Get adequate amounts of sleep.
There are many more that could have been added but these are the basics.Most of all, enjoy  and appreciate life!  Most people don’t regret not going working enough.  Instead they focus on the relationships they missed or could have appreciated more.