Language Assistance for Foreign Born Citizens

Julia-Ostrapolsky-150x150.jpgJulia Ostropolsky from the Bi-Lingual International Assistant Services (BIAS) in St. Louis, MO talks about the language assistance available to those with English as a second language when visiting a healthcare or social service setting.

Join us on Wednesday, February 20th at 4 p.m. when Julia talks about the rights available to foreign born citizens in the healthcare or social service setting.




Julia is a diversity trainer for the public, and service providers.  She has designed and implemented successful programs for Limited Englishspeaking seniors and established BIAS in May 2002 which is a nonprofit, BiLingual International Assistant Services (BIAS).  Its mission is “to better the lives of elderly and disabled Americans, and ‘New Americans’” through provision of “advocacy,social work, case management and mental wellness services in the most culturally and linguistically appropriate methods possible”. The agency serves 1000 seniors annually.


Julia Ostropolsky was a refugee from former USSR.  As a teenager she frequently provided interpretation for her family and often witnessed the struggles her grandparents faced as they worked to adjust to the new country and new way of life.  Having graduated from Toledo University with BA, Julia went on to complete her Masters in Social work degree from Washington University of Saint Louis and has worked with seniors since.


Julia Ostropolsky, LCSW
President/ CEO 
Bi-Lingual International Assistant Services
Phone: 314-692-9010

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