Helping Seniors With Addictions

Addictions in the Elderly

Matt Silva, Founder of Midwest Institute for Addiction, will talk about addictions commonly seen in the elderly and how to identify and help them. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and Masters in Business Administration. Matt is also a Certified Reciprocal Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have been able to study and be supervised by Jack Platt, an extremely brilliant and nationally recognized therapist.

He struggled with a personal addiction which began a journey into his own recovery and a new love for life. This journey was the start of a desire to learn more about

Matt-Silvaaddictions so that he could assist others.  He has worked at BJC Behavioral Health as a Community Support worker, SSM St Joseph Hospital as a Psychiatric Therapist, and Director/Service Coordinator of SSM New Vision Detoxification unit. More recently he served as a substance abuse counselor and Vice President of Operational Affairs for Assisted Recovery Centers of America.

One of Matt’s more recent projects was the co-founding of the Temperance House, which has been a successful transitional home for individuals in recovery. After the launch of the Temperance House and achieving his MBA in 2011, Matt made the decision to use his knowledge and expertise to develop an optimum and comprehensive treatment center now known as Midwest Institute for Addiction.

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Scott A McKinney MS, CSCS, CES
Vice President
Midwest Institute for Addiction
711 Old Ballas Rd, Suite 203
Creve Coeur, MO 63141
office 314.569.2253


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