Poems By Katie Banister, Access-4-All

The Shade *


Life needs light to see so clear.

Deprivation instills fear.

You can’t keep someone in the shade, they’ll whither, choke and die.

How can they grow ? How will they know what it’s like to try?

Protection by prejudice is not the way to teach.

Try understanding and compassion and extend beyond your reach.

Cultivate your being.  Don’t put yourself above.

Shed beams of light, flee from fright, because everyone needs love.





I went to sleep with an ache in my side. When I awoke, it didn’t subside.

“Seems we’re not sure, let’s run a few tests.”

And then they can treat you like some sort of pest.

I just want to know what’s wrong with me?

What can I do? How can this be?

Help me with an answer. I know you’re not sure.

Help me to understand and find the right cure.

Katie Banister


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