Living with Disabilities

Katie Bannister from Access-4-All offers tips for living with disabilities.  She talks about how to find resources and her secrets to living well.


Katie Rodriguez Banister, President, Access-4-All, LLC.  Click here to listen to the interview:


Mrs. Katie Rodriguez Banister is a speaker, author, poet, actor and disability educator.  With her husband, Steve the two co-founded Access-4-All, Inc. in 1997 with a mission to educate and empower people with and without disabilities. Katie has authored Aunt Katie’s Visit, The Personal Care Attendant Guide, A Pocket of Poems, and Karmic Validations

Katie’s honors include Ms. Wheelchair Missouri 2010, 2001 St. Louis Woman of Achievement, Missouri Jaycees 1998 Ten Outstanding Young Missourians, MO Governor’s Council on Disability 1993 Advocate of the Year, and Kirkwood MO Jr. Miss 1982.


Her website is: Call Katie at (314) 481-0633 or email

Katie’s Travel Checklist as mentioned on the show:



Cath Kits                                                               GPS

Pills –Cranactin, Thyroid, Backpack       Update Tom-Tom

Resveratrol                                           Cell Phone/charger

Toothbrush  & Toothpaste                            Space Heater

Miralax                                                                  Water Bottle

Soap, Shampoo, Mousse, Hairspray          Laptop & Case

Mouth Guard

Face Cleansing

Glasses & Cleaning Solution

Hair Brush/Pick/Dryer/Curling Iron        Pillows Case

Hair Spray, Dry Shampoo


Suppositories                                                        VAN    

Gloves, Chuck-pads – A lot                             Trash Bags  Wipes

Left arm brace                                                      Cath Kits     Paper towels

Wipes & Briefs                                                      Snacks  Food  Cooler

Bed Pad                                                                   Air Freshener

PJs, Bra, Underwear                                         Prune Juice

Daily & Dress Clothes                                       Trash bags- dirty laundry


Poncho/Scarf                                                      Candles

Jewelry                                                                  CDs & Books on CD



Bed Buddy                                                            Wheelchair Charger

UTI-Clear                                                              Shower Chair/Bucket

Week – antibiotics

Eating/Writing/Make-Up Braces

Perm Lipstick                                                       Fill Up With Gas

Urine test strips                                                   Testos cream       Paper towels

Alarm Clock                                                           Trash out

Camera, Batteries and Power Cord for Camera         Doors/ Windows locked

Video Camera & Stand                                       Mail pick-up

Directions                                                               Neighbor called

Maps                                                                          Thermostat

Business Trips                                                       Lights/Blinds Drawn

Contact Info Sheet (yellow)                            Eating/Writing/Make-Up Braces

Power Point Projector

Laptop/Extension Cord

Book Sales

Pocket of Poems

Aide Guide

Aunt Katie’s Visit

Kt – “Change” video

Silver Box – pp remote

Green Bag

Receipt Book

Speech in binder


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