Your Parent Targeted by Telemarketers?

4 Steps You Can Take to Safeguard Your Parent

My brother was forever cancelling subscriptions for which my mother who had early dementia had signed up.  One time we found Rolling Stones magazine in her assisted living apartment.  Here are a few tips you can use to safeguard your parent from over zealous telemarketers:

  1. Place your parent’s phone number on the federal Registry.
  2. Teach your parent to ask them to take him/her off the list.  Telemarketers are schooled to make conversation to older adults who are often lonely and just want to talk to someone.  Once they get their trust, they talk them into all kinds of worthless stuff.
  3. Place your parent on which will reduce the amount of junk mail they receive.
  4. School them to discuss any major change in investments or insurance before making a move.  This may prevent salespeople who are just trying to earn a commission instead of truly serving the client from taking your parent’s money.

The elderly are targeted all the time because they have money and they are a vulnerable population.  Don’t let that happen to your parent or loved one.

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