Common Scams Target Older Adults

Three Common Scams Used On Older Adults

Older-woman-on-phoneOlder adults make a lucrative target because many of them own homes; have pensions; receive Social Security benefits and are often isolated so they want to talk to the caller.

Here are three common scams:

  1. The Grandparent Scam – Caller from abroad claims that grandson has been arrested or had an accident and needs money.  They urge the grandparent to send money to get them out of their predicament.
  2. Scammers pose as soldiers who have been serving in Afghanistan.  They call  grand-parents requesting money to come home.
  3. Scammers tells the person they have won a lottery in some other country and they need to send money to receive the prize.  They may even send a fake prize check.

If they collect the bank account number, they clear out the balance of the account.

Older adults make good targets because they are often less sophisticated about technology and financial schemes.  They are also alone and lonely so they are happy to talk to someone.

What You Can Do to Protect an Older Adult:

  • School them on what information they should never give out.
  • Tell them what to say to get someone off the phone!  ‘Take me off your list.  I am on the No Call list’
  • Place their number on the State and Federal No Call list.

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