Adaptive Clothing for Post Surgery Patients

When the daily dressing routine becomes an issue due to dexterity, immobility or recovery, Silvert’s adaptive clothing and footwear has solutions to meet a variety of needs


When an individual undergoes a hip replacement surgery for example, the road to recovery can be made a little less stressful by encouraging the use of adaptive clothing. Naturally we need to consider the individuals lifestyle and needs accordingly. The recovery process will have both physical and emotional challenges, would it not be wonderful to make daily routine a little easier?

The men’s open back adaptive pants are styled with side pockets and a zipper to provide the appearance of a conventional pair of pants. The women’s have a linen look. The adjustable back snap closures secure the open back flap. These pants are designed for dressing from a seated position.

In addition, Silvert’s also carries open side adaptive pants for those who are mobile but still require ease in dressing. These feature an elastic waist with a fold down front and easy touch closures.

Silvert’s carries a wide variety of footwear including slipper socks with non skid/slip bottoms, slippers, ( both slip on and easy touch closures) and Shoes.7

These are just a few examples of our extensive line of adaptive clothing but we do invite you to visit our website and online store to discovery more.

Silvert’s is a market leader in Adaptive wear for both men and women.

Guest Blogger:
Deborah Scott
Area Sales Manager
Adaptive Clothing and Footwear
(905) 738-4545 | 1-800-387-7088
Fax: (905) 738-6236

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