Average Cost of Care Across the US

Geriatric Care Manager                                        $75/125 per hour

Occupational Therapist                                       $18/31 per hour

Physical Therapist                                                  $26/47 per hour

Private Duty Nurse                                                $17-24 per hour

In-home homemaker service                             $18 per hour

Home health CNA                                                     $19 per hour

Adult Day Health Care Daily Rate                       $60 per day

Assisted Living Facility Monthly Rates              $3,185 per month

Nursing Home Daily Rates      (semi-private)    $185 per day

Nursing Home Daily Rates     (private)                $206 per day

Annual Costs


Assisted Living Facility                                        $38,220

Home Health Aide (CNA)                                    $43,472  *

Adult Day Care                                                    $15,600 **

Nursing Home (semi-private)                               $67,525

Nursing Home  (private)                                                $75,190

*        Assumes 44 hours per week x 52 weeks

**      Assumes 5 days per week x 52 weeks

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