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Geriatric Care Manager Checked

The Geriatric Care Manager Checked Program was created to provide a first level of scrutiny to families of St. Louis elders.  Services and organizations checked by a professional geriatric care manager ensure a higher level of service for older adults.  All approved services will be listed on the www.caringforparentstogether.com website under GCM Checked tab and a link provided back to the website of the service.  Each entity checked will have a description of services and contact information.

St Louis families will receive:

√   Assurance of a first level of scrutiny by someone who works with seniors

  Assurance that the business is solid and good for seniors

Businesses that want to be evaluated for inclusion on the Caring for Parents Together website will need to put in a request with payment of $250.  This will not guarantee a spot on the website, only an evaluation.  Upon completion, a determination will be made and the business notified.  If the business is approved, they will be added on the website for inclusion in the listing.  Advertising will target caregivers in the community about the Geriatric Care Manager Checked program.  This should benefit all services offered to seniors as when a business fails the inspection, they will be informed of what they can do to improve and get listed.  Consequently, it will bring up the quality of all services offered.

Housing – Senior residences will be visited by a geriatric care manager and evaluated on physical cleanliness; food, quality of activities, availability of transportation, social vs. medical ambiance, safety, added services, lighting.  They will also be checked on Nursing Home Compare website and the state’s rating site.

In-Home Care Agencies – Will be checked for how they screen, monitor and train aides as well as how they cover when aides can’t make it.

Transportation companies – These services will be checked for ease of use and cost considerations…Availability for transporting seniors needing extra assistance.

Personal Response companies – Product will be evaluated for practical use and referral made on the basis of the safety of older adults.

Personal Product companies – These products will be referred on the basis of usefulness and convenience to older adults.

Nutritional Supplement companies – These products will be referred based on the usefulness in keeping seniors out of nursing homes.  They may no longer cook or have poor appetite.  These products keep them in reasonable health to prevent deterioration requiring hospitalization or skilled assistance.

Adaptive Clothing – This product will be promoted for people with arthritis, needing rehabilitation, hip and knee surgery and ease of use.

Mobility Equipment – Equipment will be evaluated on how they serve the client upon delivery.  To be GCM checked, they must provide individualized training of the equipment.  Speed of delivery is also important.

Financial companies – These will be referred based on how seniors can trust them to protect their assets and help them plan for retirement.  Reverse mortgage companies will also be considered.

Medical outfits – A GCM will visit the company and evaluate courtesy, privacy of medical information, access of clients to professionals.

Physical Fitness – A GCM will visit the facility and evaluate it for appropriate fitness programs for adults 65+ to help stay mobile and fit.

Home Remodeling – These companies must show a sampling of their work and a plan for making a senior home an ‘age in place’ residence.






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