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Widows/Widowers or Soon To Be: What You Need To Know

Caring for Parents TogetherWidows/Widowers or Soon To Be:  What You Need to Know

Cynthia Isaac, coach with Growing Beyond Loss talks about her personal experience and how she helps widowers to work past their loss to thrive.

Click here to listen to the interview:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dianekeefe/2013/05/29/widowswidowers-or-soon-to-be-what-do-you-need-to-know

Cynthia Isaac, CC, CH
Personal Growth & Empowerment Mentor
“Purpose, Passion, & a Plan produces Power, Profits & Peace of Mind”Growing Beyond Loss & Grief: A Life Changing Experiential Workshop for ‘Widows’ and the ‘Widowed at Heart’ who want to Heal Hurt & Heartache, Redefine the Real You, and Create a Happier, More Prosperous, More Fulfilling Life You Love.

Cynthia Isaac is a Personal Growth and Empowerment Mentor, Clinical Hypnotist, EFT Practitioner, and Workshop & Seminar Facilitator and fellow widow who’s purpose in life is to equip, encourage, and empower widows, widowers, and “the widowed at heart” to grow through the grief process so you can heal your heart and live a quality life filled with hope and happiness.

Her passion is to support the widowed to release the grief that keeps you stuck so you can grow beyond the hurt and heartache … with grace & ease.  Her specialty is to get straight to the ‘heart of the matter’ to promote healing and transformation. She inspires her clients to tap into their greatness within to confront challenges, commit to change, and celebrate success from a place of strength and power.

Acquiring this knowledge and skill is priceless.  It eliminates the need to wander aimlessly, participate in meaningless activities, accept dissatisfaction as status quo, or simply go through the motions feeling stuck, overwhelm, confused or fearful.  



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