Mission: To educate and improve the experience of aging for mature adults and their caregivers.


Diane Keefe, Geriatric Care Manager and Caregiver Educator

Are you taking care of a parent or other loved one?  Are you looking to learn more about the senior environment and how to be a better advocate? Do you enjoy working with older adults?  Then you are in the right place.

This website is designed to help caregivers and aging adults through the complex environment of aging issues, geriatric services and resources.

Here is what we offer you:

Family caregiver support book

  • Objective advice based on education and experience both personally and professionally
  • Insight and guidance from someone who has been there and can enlighten you on your alternatives and the consequences of those choices
  • Help recognizing the signs that your loved one needs help
  • Direction to appropriate resources and services thereby saving you time and money in researching them
  • Education on the complex maze of senior services
  • Peace of mind that you have done everything you can do!
  • Coaching for caregivers with loved ones with dementia on how to manage behaviors, communicate and create memorable moments
  • Coaching on how to talk to your loved one about when they need to stop driving because they are no longer safe on the road
  • Tips on taking care of yourself as a caregiver
  • Coaching on what is required to be a good advocate and more…

We will attempt to answer questions important to you.  To further your education on how to care for an aging adult, we offer the following:

Blueprint for Care: A Practical Guide to Managing Care for Your Loved One ($14.97) is available on the website as well as on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.  There is a companion workbook ($9.95) (available on website only) that will facilitate collecting of  information you need in a non-emotional way to honor your loved one’s wishes through end of life.  Purchase your copy now so that you will have this practical information at your fingertips to get the services you need for your loved one.  No regrets or wishing that you had known about something!

Check out our caregiver training videos!  Click on the Training Video button to the right to access the FREE 60 minute webinar 3 Mistakes Children of Aging Parents Make That Keep Them Anxious, Overwhelmed & Worried Sick!  This video orients you to the senior environment, who can help you, where to find resources and what legal documents must be in place to advocate for your loved one. To further your education,we offer Talking To Your Parents About Driving, ($29.97) and Caring for A Loved One With Dementia ($29.97) webinars.  A mainstay 6 lesson series Confident Care for Aging Parents ($99.95) teaches caregivers about the physical, social, emotional, housing, legal, spiritual and cognitive elements that go into a Care Plan so that you can be better prepared to meet your loved one’s needs.

Family Caregiver- caregiver support, help, and education

Diane Keefe hosted a Caregiver Talk Show for 2 years on BlogTalkRadio called Caring for Parents Together which featured professionals in the field of aging who provide services and resources for the elder population.  Ms. Keefe also interviewed caregivers about their issues and challenges.  To access archived shows with 90+ interviews, click on Radio Show on the top navigation bar.  Then click on Show Index for a complete list of programs, topics and guests. These programs are available to caregivers when they need them by clicking on the links of previous shows! Average length is 30-45 minutes.

Caregivers have a tough job to do and we want to support them.  Seniors are also navigating a difficult time in their life that includes losses (financial, social, friends, health and family, etc.) and many adjustments.  We want to honor you and offer some tips to help you face these challenges with grace and dignity.

If you need more support, Diane Keefe is available for an individual consult at $100/hr and also available to organizations for speaking.  For more information, look under the Services tab

Tips From the Experts  2-DVD set ($19.95) offers interviews with experts and organizations who provide services.  They tell you firsthand what you need to look for when selecting a service and what you can expect from them.  This is an invaluable resource since you would not be able to get this information without hours of interviewing.  Now at the click of the mouse, you have the information at your fingertips!

Sign up for our FREE monthly e-newsletter to learn more about senior issues; tell us about your challenges; explore topics on the blog and meet with other caregivers.  Our goal is to provide information that you will find useful and offer practical tips to make your life easier and less stressful.

Helpful Resources on the Menu bar will connect you to other websites that you will find valuable.  From time to time, different professionals will be invited to share their knowledge and experience. i.e., dementia, Alzheimer’s, chronic disease management, etc.  We hope you will find this helpful.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is not to be taken as Geriatric Care Management consultation.

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